Long week, lots of hours in home office working. Then Saturday night I watched the Donna Salazar Web Show! I love her, she is so talented. I then started some altering projects. First I am finally re-doing a tacky old jewelry box I got for a buck at a yard sale! I wish I would have taken before pictures. It is the standard maple color icky old fashioned jewelry box. I saw possibilities though. It's about 12" tall and the two sides are rounded and open to store necklaces on hooks. It has 3 drawers, one having cushions for rings. I spray painted it in my favorite Krylon Textured Metallic Bronze! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this paint! I am using beautiful Prima Marketing Paper, Flowers and Bling! My daughter has been in several times asking is it for me? Can I have it? Of course it is, and yes you can! I have two more projects to work on and am using more Prima!!!

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