Looonnnggg work week! Playing catch up on some paper work! Ugh! Make sure to check out my ETSY page for more Broadway, TV and stage sketches! Getting excited, there are some good ones. Some done & signed by Ann Roth. Ann Roth is a well known artist and has even won an Academy Award. These drawings are believed to be from the 70's and maybe a couple from the 60's!!! Good stuff!

I am wanting to do some paper crafting and play with some Sculpey Clay I bought! Love Sculpey! I started over 20 years ago working with it and made some cool pieces. My favorite is an old cowboy with a hat and a bandanna around his neck.

Can't wait to see all the new products from CHA!!!

Have a good week everyone and I will post more soon!

New Listing on my ETSY! Original costume drawings!

Be sure to check out my ETSY page for original costume drawings from the Danny Morgan estate. Mr. Morgan worked in NYC for more than 20 years designing for big names such as Bob Hope, Paul Newman, Lucille Ball, Brooke Shields and more. In 1985 he came to Galveston on business and ended up staying. He designed for the Galveston Mardi Gras and had a costume shop. These sketches will make great decorative pieces for any home or business.

JetBlue!!! Rocks!!!

So, I wrote earlier about my daughter using the TrueBlue program through JetBlue. I decided to email and tell them how happy we were that she came from Maine to Texas to visit. In just a few short hours, I have received a response. Not a computer generated, but a real, live person who actually made mention of my daughter and my blog! Now THAT is customer service. It is what customer service should be. If I ever have the opportunity to fly again, you can bet I will call JetBlue! It truly reminded me of days gone by, when you would pull up to a service station (gas station nowadays) and a man would run out, wash your windows, check oil and fluids then fill up your tank!

More of my creations!

 For my niece Emily
 Family, magnetic board
 Recycled altered art piece I made and sold for art show in Houston. It was sold at Texas Art Asylum.

What a wonderful few days! Our daughter flew in from Maine, thanks to jetBLUE for their TrueBlue program, for making this possible! Our son also flew in from Florida! We have several days together. It is amazing how fast they have grown up. It truly seems like yesterday that they were 5 & 6! That is when I met them. It was love at first sight! A big hug and thank you to their mom for so graciously sharing them with me all these years. Another thing that I love is THEY teach me now! They have remained the kind, decent, loving persons they were as children. My heart swells!
So, Happy New Year to all. May we all have the year we hope it to be. I know I plan on some changes!